Megan Fox gets the giggles: watch her boob-job jiggle thumb with Leslie Mann!

30 Nov

Small intermezzo beyond Megan’s toe thumbs: Funny Megan Fox picture got viral on the internet this year… what’s the story?

Answer: the picture is actually a blooper-fragment of a ‘This is 40’ scene featuring Megan Fox and Leslie Mann (watch her thumbs!). The blooper reel got released in january (2013) showing the two actresses cracking up while filming a scene that calls for Mann to jiggle the younger star’s assets.

“Wow, I would put floodlights on them,”
Mann says, causing Fox to giggle and ruin the take (see also the Youtube video at the bottom).

Later Leslie Mann declared Megan Fox has ‘better boobs than I’ve ever seen in my life’, however, when the film was released Mann confessed that she found her fondling scene a little uncomfortable to film, but after seeing the outtakes that’s a little hard to believe.

“In that situation I knew there were a lot of dirty boys around having weird, gross fantasies. And so I wanted to get her shirt back on as quickly as possible,” Mann explained.

By the way, the full blooper-scene is available as a video at Starpulse, and at Youtube you can see the broadcasted scene in ‘This is 40’.


Megan Fox caught ‘thumbed-up’ with Johnny Heisman!

12 Nov

After her appearance in Jay Leno’s Tonight Show Megan Fox thumbed up with Johnny Heisman – who apparently gave his ‘thumb up’ gesture like a politician whenever anyone took his picture: see picture above & below!

Read more about Megan’s funny revelations about her most hated body part… her brachydactyly thumbs!:
Megan Fox associates her clubbed thumbs with her mom eating tuna!

Megan Fox’s thumb & the weird body parts of other celebrities!

9 Nov

Over the years various TOP 10 lists have been presented with celebrities & their weird body parts (no other thumbs featured), often featured with a high ranking for Megan Fox’s brachydactyly type d thumb!

An overview of various recent lists:

HuffingtonPost 2013:
Celebrities With Weird Body Parts: 11 Stars With Unusual Features
Featured with e.g: Lilly Allen, Megan Fox, Taye Diggs, Ashton Kutcher, Carrie Underwood, Andy Garcia, Karolina Kurkova, Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, Mark Wahlberg, Gemma Arterton

Smosh 2013:
9 Celebrities With Strange Flaws
Featured with e.g: Megan Fox, Zac Efron, Jennifer Garner, Vince Vaughn,  Kate Bosworth, Stephen Colbert, Karolina Kurkova, Denzel Washington, Ashton Kutcher

USMagazine 2013:
Stars With Weird Body Parts
Featured with e.g: Jennifer Garner, Denzel Washington, Kesha, Ashton Kutcher, Mark Wahlberg, Karolina Kurkova, Lebron James, Mathew Perry, Megan Fox, Andy Garcia, Lilly Allen, Taye Diggs, Daryl Hanna, Ashton Kutcher, Oprah Winfrey

ListVerse 2011:
10 Celebrities with Strange Physical Flaws
Featured with e.g: Megan Fox, Lilly Allen, Rivers Cuomo, Andy Garcia, Vince Vaughn, Billy Corgan, Joaquin Phoenix, Gerard Butler, Jennifer Garner, Dan Aykroyd

16 Freaky celebrity body parts
Featured with e.g: Denzel Washington, Kate Bosworth, Harry Styles, Megan Fox, Dany Jones, Karolina Kurkova, Matthew Perry, Amanda Seyfried, David Bowie, Madonna, Vince Vaughn, Lilly Allen, Zac Efron, Gemma Arterton, Ashton Kutcher, Kate Hudson  

Megan Fox thumbs: popular synonyms for brachydactyly type d!

24 Sep

Megan Fox thumbs

Since 2009 Megan Fox’s thumb condition (medical vocabulary: brachydactyly type d) has become better known as ‘Megan Fox thumbs’. What are the most popular synonyms fro brachydactyly type d?

Google keyword planner provides some interesting statistics (based on monthly search requests) which indicate that the following 14 most terms represent the most popular synonyms for brachydactyly type d:

1 – Megan Fox thumb (keyword planner: 74000)

2 – Megan Fox thumbs (keyword planner: 14800)

3 – toe thumbs (keyword planner: 5400)

4 – clubbed thumb (keyword planner: 5400)

5 – club thumb (keyword planner: 3600)

6 – toe thumb (keyword planner: 2400)

7 – clubbed thumbs (keyword planner: 1000)

8 – hammer thumb (keyword planner: 1000)

9 – brachydactyly type d (keyword planner: 880)

10 – club thumbs (keyword planner: 630)

11 – hammer thumbs (keyword planner: 480)

12 – stub thumb (keyword planner: 110)

13 – stub thumbs (keyword planner: 20)

14 – murderer thumb (keyword planner: 10)

More about Megan Fox’s thumbs:

Megan Fox has toe thumbs

Brachydactyly type d thumb vs normal thumb.

10 Facts about Megan Fox’s thumb condition: brachydactyly type-d!

17 Sep

Megan Fox has brachydactyly type D: an inborn (clubbed) thumb condition.

After Megan Fox’s clubbed thumb became an internet hit in 2009, one could argue that she is likely the most well-known person in the world who has brachydactyly type-D.

These are the TOP 10 facts about brachydactyly type-D (BDD):

• 1 – BDD is characterised by the anatomic characteristics where the last bone of one or both thumbs is short and round, featured with an accompanying short and wide nail bed. There are various degrees of thumb shortening, either unilaterally or bilaterally. It has been noted that the base of the distal phalanx is broader than the surface of the proximal phalanx to which it articulates, and that the distal end of the bone often shows some hyperplasia. Other investigations confirmed that the short distal phalanx of the thumb results from early closure of its epiphyses.

• 2 – BDD was first described as an anomaly in 1928 by O. Thomsen (O. Thomsen: Hereditary growth anomaly of the thumb. In: Hereditas. Band 10, 1928. S. 261–273.).

• 3 – BDD is a genetic trait associated with gene HOXD13, genomic locus 2q31-q32; HOXD13, the most 5′ gene of the HOXD cluster, encodes a homeodomain transcription factor with important functions in limb patterning and growth.

• 4 – BDD is a minor but common affliction (just a cosmetic defect) that can be found in 1 up to 40 out of every 1,000 people (= prevalence ranging from 0.1% up to 4.0%).

• 5 – BDD varies among populations around the world; according ‘The World of Clubbed Thumbs’ the statistics are: 0.1% of blacks, 0.4% of whites, 1.6% of Jews, 3% of Arabs, and in Japanese possibly up to 4.0%.

• 6 – BDD is sometimes a familial trait, but it appears slightly less common among males due to a reduced penetration (about 62%).

• 7 – BDD is often refered to with various synonyms such as: clubbed thumbs, stub thumbs, stubby thumbs, toe thumbs, hammer thumbs, Dutch thumbs, or a potter’s thumb.

• 8 – BDD was also coined (misleadingly) by fortune-tellers as a murderer’s thumb.

• 9 – BDD is not associated with other abnormal physical characteristics; however, distal phalanges of other digits may also be broad and short. Great toes may be similarly affected.

• 10 – BDD is seen in a considerable list of celebrities, including the actresses: Megan Fox (US actress/model), Malin Akerman (Swedish-Canadian actress/model), Sanaa Lathan (US actress), Leighton Meester (US actress & singer), Vittoria Puccini (Italian actress), Ashley Tesoro (US actress, model & singer), and Anna Walton (UK actress).

Megan Fox thumbs: fake or real?

8 Sep

Megan Fox thumbs: fake of real? After the buzz in 2010 about Megan Fox’s thumbs being photoshoped in the Motorola Devour ad & the Armani jeans & underwear campaign, one may start wondering about how many times her brachydactyly thumbs have been photoshoped in other campgains.

The photo at the top shows the curvy shape of Megan’s clubbed thumb(s), but how about theothers? The photos below represent an impression from various well-known Megan Fox photoshoots – featured with Megan’s thumbs… of course:

Megan Fox Maxim Photoshoot (2007)


Fake thumbs!

Megan Fox Armani Photoshoot (2010)


Fake thumbs!

Megan Fox Esquire Photoshoot (2013)


Real thumbs!

Will the producers ever stop touching Megan’s thumbs?

Megan’s clubbed thumbs
are for real!

– No more thumb-photoshopping in the pictures below – 

Megan Fox associates clubbed thumbs with her mom eating tuna!

4 Sep

Last december (2012) Megan Fox discussed her insecurities about her clubbed thumbs at the Tonigh Show with Jay Leno; interestingly she associated her thumb with her mom eating a lot of tuna while being pregnant of Megan!

Megan said in the interview with Jay Leno:

“What is weird to me is I was talking to my mom … and she was like, “Oh, I ate tuna every day when I was pregnant with you,” I was wondering if that was what happened to my thumbs. They’re weird and they’re really fat and there’s like a weird knuckle.”

Since tuna is often described as a fat fish, by appearance it makes sense that Megan has made the connection between her stubby thumbs & her mom eating tuna!

NOTICE: Modern science has never made the connection between brachydactly type-d thumbs and food; therefore the association is unlikely to be true.

Source: The Megan Fox thumbs ‘saga’ continues!

(The Tonight Show interview with Megan is featured in the video below)

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